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The Neuroth Group

For 115 years Neuroth has been committed to the maxim of “better hearing – better living”. From a traditional family-run company, Neuroth has evolved into Austria’s market leader and Europe’s most successful hearing acoustics company.

Key figures

Neuroth employees

Approx. 1,200 employees

Hearing is a personal matter. This is why trustful consultation by a competent hearing care acoustician is important. Neuroth employees are professionals when it comes to human hearing. Optimum training is guaranteed by our internal Neuroth Academy.

Neuroth branch

Approximately 250 Hearing Centres and Professional Institutes

From Geneva to Osijek, from Dubrovnik to Munich: Neuroth operates more than 250 Professional Institutes and Hearing Centres all across Europe. More than 70 of them are in Switzerland. Thus there is always a Neuroth branch close to our customers, allowing us to offer them exceptional service.

Neuroth Supply Center: Individual fitting of hearing aids

140 million Euros

Turnover of the Neuroth Group in the business year of 2020/2021. Lukas Schinko: “Our aim is to further consolidate and develop our position as one of Europe’s leading retailers of hearing acoustics. We want to continue to grow in a healthy and sustainable way.”

Waltraud Schinko-Neuroth and Lukas Schinko

Four generations

Neuroth has been run by the same family for 115 years. Lukas Schinko has become the chairman of the board in October of 2011, leading the Neuroth Group ever since. At the young age of 24 he had taken over from his mother Waltraud Schinko-Neuroth. After completing a secondary school for electrical engineering he trained to become a master hearing acoustician.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to alleviate the fear of living with a hearing aid that many people with hearing disabilities have,” says Chairman of the Board Lukas Schinko. “We want to eradicate the stigma that is, unfortunately, still connected with hearing aids and show how great life can be once one regains one’s hearing.”

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