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Hearing solutions by Neuroth.
We offer complementary hearing tests, exceptional personal consultation and state-of-the-art technology in the fields of hearing, hearing aids & hearing protection.

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Hearing aids

State-of-the-art hearing aids for better hearing.
Protections auditives

Hearing protection

Various hearing protection solutions reduce noise to a safe level.
Entraînement auditif

Auditority training

Auditory training – how to understand more without a hearing aid

Individual consultation is important to us

Our acousticians will be happy to answer all your questions on better hearing.
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How you can benefit from a hearing aid

Hearing aids bring sounds you thought were lost back to your life. You will be able to better follow people talking and can return to social life. One side effect of healthy hearing is mental fitness: Those who can hear well face a reduced risk of dementia.

Your benefit – improved quality of life:

    Improved speech comprehension even in loud environments – when talking face to face or on the telephone, watching TV etc.
    Such as bird songs and the sound of rain
    Hearing aids make participating in activities with friends and family more fun.
    Discrete hearing aids allow you to fully concentrate on your job.
    According to several studies, people who can hear well stay mentally and physically fit for longer. That’s because reduced hearing leads to increased physical exertion and headaches, exhaustion and stress.
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Why buy a Neuroth hearing aid?

Minimal size & maximum wear comfort

Modern hearing aids are tiny and almost invisible. By means of taking a mould of your ear our hearing aids are individually tailored to your ear canal to ensure perfect fit.

Modern technology

Modern hearing aids can be connected to mobile phones and television sets via Bluetooth. Apps make their operation as easy as 1-2-3. Continuous training makes sure our hearing aid acousticians are always up to date with the latest hearing aid technology.

Individual tailoring

During an extensive consultation meeting a Neuroth hearing aid acoustician determines your personal requirements and finds the right hearing aid model for you which is then costum-made and perfectly tailored to your hearing system.

Personal, competent service

Hearing is a matter of trust. Your Neuroth hearing aid acoustician accompanies you on your way to better hearing, remaining your reliable contact person when it comes to getting accustomed to it, fine adjustment and professional cleaning. Necessary repairs are performed by our highly trained Neuroth staff.

Free trial

Every hearing aid is individually tailored to your requirements and anatomy. After that you can test it free of charge in your home for 30 days.

Optimal tolerability

All earmoulds (otoplastics) guaranteeing the perfect fit of your hearing aids are produced in a 3D-printing process from a highly tolerable material. For clients with particularly sensitive skin or allergy sufferers we can also manufacture them from titanium.

Auditory training: Better comprehension without hearing aids

Are your ears fit?

You can still hear well but often have difficulty understanding people? You often have to ask “pardon?” despite not yet requiring a hearing aid? Thousands of people suffer from so-called auditory deprivation. Medically speaking, there’s nothing wrong with their ears, but your comprehension of speech has been compromised.

An auditory training at Neuroth can help you improve your comprehension of speech and thus, your quality of life – without having to wear a hearing aid.


Damen bei Beratung zum Hörtraining

Benefit from a revolution:


  • A proven way to improve your comprehension of speech
  • Improve your mental fitness
  • Be able to follow speech for longer
  • Feel the difference in as little as four weeks
  • From CHF 499


Auditory training is currently only available in German and French. Feel free to consult us on this topic, however.

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Hearing protection at your Neuroth hearing center

In the office or in your free time: Noises are not always the same. This is why every situation requires a different hearing protection solution. Fortunately the filters on our hearing protection solutions can be changed easily to guarantee maximum flexibility.


Hearing protection for all situations

Our various hearing protection solutions reduce noise to a safe level while simply cancelling out disruptive background noise. They are tailor-made, fit in your ear perfectly and are extremely long-lasting. Ask our hearing care acousticians about our wide product range.

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Contact and consultation

Individual consultation is important to us

Would you like to receive personal advice? Our acousticians will be happy to answer all your questions on better hearing (also in English) at the following hearing centres:

  • Neuroth Hearing Centre Zug, Alpenstrasse 15, 6300 Zug, Tel.+41 41 729 7080
  • Neuroth Hearing Centre Geneva, Route de Florissant 53, 1206 Geneva, Tel. +41 22 347 8333
  • Neuroth Hearing Centre Zurich airport, The Circle 55, 8058 Zurich airport, Tel. +41 43 819 48 18
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Note: You can find all other Neuroth branches on our German-language website at –> Standorte

Free hearing advice by phone

Not sure if you need hearing aids or want to find out how a hearing device works? Got any questions about hearing and hearing aids? Our expert Neuroth staff provide no-commitment advice over the telephone.

Monday to Friday: 8 am – 12 pm & 1 pm – 5.30 pm

  • Neuroth Hearing Centre Zug
    Tel.+41 41 729 7080
  • Neuroth Hearing Centre Geneva
    Tel. +41 22 347 8333
  • Neuroth Hearing Centre Zurich airport
    Tel. +41 43 819 48 18